Two Lutherans attempting to add their voices to the sea of noise that is the internet…

But what does that mean?

Martin Luther noted that a person becomes a theologian “by living, dying, and being damned, not by understanding, reading and speculating.” We here at the Fire Escape operate under the assumption that theology matters. The way we talk and think about God is incredibly important, and not just for pastors and professors. Unfortunately theology is something that is caught up in language and trapped in places that make you wonder “why should I care?” Our goal here is to try and keep theology from being just an abstract exercise. God isn’t just stuck in books, but can be found in the world.

Welcome and peace

pictureDavid Kamphuis is pastor of Martin Luther Lutheran Church (ELCA) in Youngstown, Ohio, a husband, a graduate of Trinity Lutheran Seminary and Calvin College, a cynic with a new found sense of hope, a complete history nerd, a theologian of the cross, and a fan of perennially bad sports teams.




Mike Hanck is pastor of SaleAuthor Photom Lutheran Church (ELCA) in Toledo, Ohio, a graduate of Trinity Lutheran Seminary and Ashland University, and a founding member of The Temptations impersonation group known as “The Coldwater 5.”  He still knows all of the dance moves to the song My Girl.  In his free time, he brews beer that is moderately good and is something like an indie author.  His works, from autobiography to fiction to sermon collections, can be found here at Amazon.

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