For the Love of God, Can We Stop Making Programs?

Let me tell you a snarky but playful parable about a man named Jesus, a story aimed as much at the author as at the way we often do things.

Once upon a time, in the land of middle-of-nowhere, Jesus was walking around with his disciples.  They were out doing only God knows what – and God did know because God was there.  Then, all of a sudden, Jesus got this great idea.  It came to him.  He was a genius.  He thought to himself, “I’m going to make this feeding program.”  So, he got himself all excited, and he got all of his disciples all excited, and they went up to a hilltop.  He sat the disciples down and he began to teach them, saying, “Look, here’s what we’re going to do.  We’re going to prepare this meal for everyone.  For the first one, we’re going to have some baked cod and bread and water.”  (Supplies were scarce out in the middle of nowhere; they were just working with what they had.)  “But we’re going to jealously guard it as well.  Police the people.  Also, we’re going to count the people.  We’re aiming for 4,000.  That means we are going to have to process them through a line.  It’s like an assembly line.  Some of them are going to have to wait, but our favorites, we’ll let them go through first and get the best of everything.”  The disciples thought to themselves that Jesus was acting strangely, but they went along with it anyway.  Many people were fed on that day, and several of them were grateful.  The people really did need the food after all.  They ate and that was it.  They left and went home, and Jesus Barabbas left and went on and built the next program.  (The Gospel According to Micchaeus 6:23-32)

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